Eugene Oregon Event Calendar 2024

Eugene Oregon Event Calendar 2024

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If you’re planning a trip to Eugene, Oregon in 2024, you’ll be pleased to know that the city has an extensive event calendar. As a resident of Eugene, I’ve attended many of these events over the years and I can tell you that they are not to be missed!

Upcoming Events and Festivals

Here are just a few of the events and festivals that you can look forward to in Eugene, Oregon in 2024:

  • Oregon Country Fair
  • Eugene Beer Week
  • Eugene Marathon
  • Art and the Vineyard
  • Eugene Symphony in the Park

Oregon Country Fair

The Oregon Country Fair is one of the most unique and exciting events in Eugene. This festival takes place every July and features live music, arts and crafts, and a variety of food vendors. The fair is known for its vibrant atmosphere and eclectic crowd, making it a must-see for anyone visiting Eugene.

Eugene Beer Week

If you’re a beer lover, you won’t want to miss Eugene Beer Week. This week-long celebration of craft beer takes place every June and features tastings, brewery tours, and special events at local bars and restaurants. The event is a great way to experience Eugene’s thriving craft beer scene.

Eugene Marathon

The Eugene Marathon is a popular event for runners from around the country. The race takes place in April and features a scenic course that winds through the city’s beautiful parks and neighborhoods. Whether you’re a serious runner or just looking for a fun challenge, the Eugene Marathon is a great way to experience the city.

Art and the Vineyard

Art and the Vineyard is a three-day festival that takes place in July and features live music, wine tastings, and art vendors. The event is held at Alton Baker Park, which offers stunning views of the Willamette River. This festival is a great way to experience Eugene’s vibrant arts scene.

Eugene Symphony in the Park

The Eugene Symphony in the Park is a free outdoor concert that takes place every August. The concert features the Eugene Symphony Orchestra and is held at Cuthbert Amphitheater. This event is a great way to enjoy a summer evening in Eugene.

Question and Answer

Q: Are these events family-friendly?

A: Yes, all of the events listed above are family-friendly. In fact, many of them offer activities specifically for children.

Q: Do I need to buy tickets in advance?

A: It depends on the event. Some events, like the Oregon Country Fair, require advance tickets. Others, like the Eugene Symphony in the Park, are free and open to the public.

Q: What should I bring to these events?

A: It’s always a good idea to bring sunscreen, comfortable clothing and shoes, and a reusable water bottle. Some events may also allow you to bring your own food and drinks, so be sure to check the event website for details.


What is the best time of year to visit Eugene?

Eugene is beautiful year-round, but many visitors prefer to come during the summer months when the weather is warm and there are lots of outdoor events and activities.

What other attractions are there in Eugene besides these events?

Eugene is home to a variety of museums, parks, and outdoor recreation areas. Some popular attractions include the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, Mount Pisgah Arboretum, and Skinner Butte Park.

Is Eugene a good place to visit for families?

Yes, Eugene is a great place to visit for families. In addition to the events and attractions listed above, the city offers a variety of family-friendly activities, including hiking, biking, and kayaking.

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