Skyline College Calendar 2024

Skyline College Calendar 2024

Ub Academic Calendar 2024 2024 Calendar Printable
Ub Academic Calendar 2024 2024 Calendar Printable from

As a proud alumna of Skyline College, I always look forward to the annual events and festivals that the school hosts. The Skyline College Calendar 2024 is no exception, with a diverse lineup of events that cater to students, faculty, and the local community.

Highlighted Events and Festivals

Spring Fling

One of the most anticipated events of the year, Spring Fling is a week-long celebration that takes place in April. It includes a variety of activities, such as a carnival, talent show, and food festival. The highlight of the week is the Spring Fling Dance, where students get to show off their moves and enjoy live music.

Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, Skyline College hosts a series of events and workshops that promote sustainability and environmental awareness. This includes a community garden planting, a recycling drive, and a panel discussion on climate change.

Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate Mexican heritage and culture with Skyline College’s Cinco de Mayo festival. The event features traditional food, music, and dance performances. It’s a great way to learn about another culture and have fun at the same time.


The pinnacle of a college career, graduation is a momentous occasion that Skyline College celebrates in style. The ceremony includes a keynote speaker, student speeches, and the awarding of diplomas. It’s a day to honor the hard work and dedication of the graduating class.

Events and Festivals in Detail

Spring Fling is a week-long celebration that kicks off with a carnival. Students can enjoy classic carnival games and rides, such as bumper cars and a Ferris wheel. There’s also a photo booth and a face painting station for those who want to capture the moment.

The talent show is another highlight of Spring Fling, showcasing the diverse talents of Skyline College students. From singing and dancing to comedy and spoken word, the talent show has something for everyone.

The food festival is a popular event during Spring Fling, featuring a variety of cuisines from around the world. Students can sample everything from Korean BBQ to Jamaican jerk chicken.

Earth Day is a series of events and workshops that educate students on the importance of sustainability. The community garden planting allows students to get their hands dirty and learn about organic gardening. The recycling drive encourages students to reduce their waste and recycle more. The panel discussion on climate change features experts in the field who provide insights into the challenges facing our planet.

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican heritage and culture. The festival features traditional food, such as tacos and churros, as well as live music and dance performances. Students can learn how to salsa or participate in a piñata contest.

Graduation is a bittersweet moment for the graduating class. It’s a time to reflect on the journey and celebrate the achievements. The keynote speaker provides words of wisdom and inspiration, while the student speeches offer a glimpse into the personal experiences of the graduating class. The awarding of diplomas is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication.

Question and Answer

Q: Are these events open to the public?

A: Some events, such as Spring Fling and Cinco de Mayo, are open to the public. However, graduation is a private event for the graduating class and their families.

Q: Do I need to buy tickets for these events?

A: Most events are free for Skyline College students and faculty. However, some events, such as the Spring Fling Dance, may require tickets or a small fee.


Q: How do I stay informed about upcoming events at Skyline College?

A: The best way to stay informed is to check the Skyline College Calendar regularly. You can also follow Skyline College on social media for updates and announcements.

Q: Can I volunteer at these events?

A: Yes, Skyline College welcomes volunteers for these events. You can contact the Student Life office for more information on how to get involved.

Q: Are there any COVID-19 safety measures in place for these events?

A: Yes, Skyline College follows all recommended COVID-19 safety guidelines for events. This includes wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and limiting capacity.

The Skyline College Calendar 2024 is a testament to the school’s commitment to providing a well-rounded and enriching college experience. From carnival rides to climate change discussions, there’s something for everyone. As a proud alumna, I encourage all students and community members to take advantage of these events and celebrate the Skyline College spirit.

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